Cantilever Bridge Necklace


Gracefully connecting two land forms, bridges are a symbol of connectivity and a demonstration of the incredible engineering feats of humankind.   The cantilever bridge is featured in this collection and available in gold-toned brass or shining stainless steel.  The 2” pendant hangs gracefully from a gold fill or sterling silver chain and comes packaged in a gift-able box.

 The structural elements are simplified with effort given to retaining the essence of the form.  The engineering behind the structure of the bridge is incredible and complex, and the design beautiful and inspiring.    


2” wide Brass /Stainless Steel Pendant
18” Gold Fill/Sterling Silver Chain


A cantilever bridge is defined by the use of cantilevers,  structures that project horizontally into space, supported on only one end.   The cantilever arms  often do not meet in the center, but instead support a central truss bridge which rests on the ends of the cantilever arms.  

Incredible historic examples of cantilever bridges include: High Bridge of Kentucky (1877), Niagara Cantilever Bridge (1883), Poughkeepsie Bridge (1889), Forth Bridge (1890) and the Quebec Bridge (1917).  Photo include is the The E.H. Swindell Bridge, also known as East Street Bridge or Essen Street Bridge, as it appeared in 1931, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

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