K-Truss Bridge Necklace


The K-Truss Bridge is featured in this collection of bridge-inspired  jewelry.   The structural elements are simplified with effort given to retaining the essence of the form.  The engineering behind the structure of the bridge is incredible and complex, and the design beautiful and inspiring.  This literal truss shape is available in brass or stainless steel in a 2” pendant. 



2” wide Brass /Stainless Steel Pendant
18” Gold Fill/Sterling Silver Chain

K-Truss Bridge

So named, because of the “K” shapes of each panel, this bridge type  was introduced for design of the second (existing) Quebec Bridge and used through the 1950s. The K Truss form provide  more strength and economy as it increased the span length of the structure

Quebec Bridge over the St. Louis River, 1917
Südbrücke rail bridge over the River Rhine, Mainz, Germany
Speers Bridge, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
Long Allen Bridge, St. Mary Parish, LA
Curtis Bay Steel Bridge, Baltimore, MD

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